Mares and Fillies



 Lathom Jocelyn

Sire Celtic Rufus
Dam Lathom Josie
 Black 9 yr old Mare
40 inches
NPS Area 12 Show May 16 - 1st Standard Stallion, Mare or Gelding
Aberystwyth show June 16 - 3rd Mare or Gelding
Merioneth county Show Aug 16 - 1st Mare or Gelding and Reserve Champion
Llanbrynmair Show Aug 16 - 2nd Mare or Gelding
Denbigh and Flint Show Aug 17 - 1st Mare or Gelding and Champion
Minsterley Show Aug 17 - 5th Standard  Mare or Gelding
Kington Show Sept 17- 3rd Standard Mare or Gelding

Photo taken by Janet Sherratt



 Isle of Mona Sian    AR2526/M09

Sire Celtic Rufus
Dam Isle of Mona Salazar
Black 13 yr old Mare
40 inches




Syltina Cassandra    AW0020/M16

Sire Eynhallow Black Jack 
Dam Birchmoor Patience
Black 9 yr old Mare
39 inches
Severn Valley WPCA Show June 17 - 1st Standard Mare or Gelding and Champion Standard
 Aberystwyth and Ceredigion County Show June 17 - 1st Mare or Gelding and Champion 
Merioneth County Show Aug 17 - 1st Mare or Gelding and Reserve Champion





Syltina Foxy Lady AZ1676

Sire Lotuspoint Harlow
Dam Lathom Velvet Rose
Black 6 yr old Mare
39 inches
Faye has been to 4 shows this year, just to gain experience in the show ring. 





 Foxsedge Tsu'tey     AY1754/M16

Sire Summerhayes Court Jester
Dam Pasha of Auckhorn
Bay 7 yr old Mare
39 inches






Gwyddelfynydd Forget Me Not  AT1431

Born 23,05,07
Sire Knock J R
Dam Knock Gentian
Grey 11 yr old Mare
About 37 - 38 inches



Serenteifi Jessica John BA1151

Sire Womble of Crafton
Dam Earlswood Jules
Black 5 yr old Mare
36 - 37inches
North Wales Show July 17 - 4th Mare or Gelding
SWWSPG Show July 17 - 1st Black Barren Mare or Gelding and Reserve Champion Black Shetland



 Knock Dusk's Delight M96-166 AA0553

        1991-2010 will be missed

Knock Dusk's Delight M96-166 AA0553

 Sire: Surety of Marshwood (Supremacy of Marshwood & Jessica of Marshwood)
Dam: Lakeland Dusk (Newtown Northman & Lakeland Golden Dawn)
 381/2 inches, Black


Dusky is 19 years old, a wonderful brood mare who produces lovely foals. She is pictured in foal. She produced a fine colt foal, Gwyddelfynydd Galahad, with Rhodri in April 2008. 
View Dusky's Pedigree



  1995 - 2018 will be sadly missed 

Knock Jamiroquai   AE1452

Sire Knock Fortune Seeker
Dam Joyful of Waulkmill
Piebald Mare
23yr old
39 inches